Nurturing Dreams is What I Do

There is a special place in our world for those who care for expectant, birthing and new families. Childbirth educators, doulas, lactation professionals and others are important facilitators for those going through the life-changing transformation of becoming parents.


Participating in a workshop or seminar can help you discover your path and then follow it. Your dreams can become a reality.


In 31 years of working with expectant, bithing and new families I have found great comfort in the organizations with whom I am associated. I believe in them, their longevity and their committment to excellence. I am fortunate to train for two of them and I also present continuing education workshops.


Let the nurturing begin as you stop dreaming and start doulaing!

With Gratitude,




PS: I was fortunate to be a guest on The Birth Geeks podcast. Click the buttons below to give a listen!


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